The Moon and The Golden Retriever

Image by Harry Bliss…who really may not even want this cartoon here. But I think it fits and I can’t draw.

Once upon a time, there was this moon. And she was feeling poorly one day when she looked down and saw this golden retriever (dog) looking up at her and wagging his tail.

“Why would you stare at me, dog?” she asked the dog. “I’m just a rock that is cold and alone and will eventually hide my face from you.” The dog simply replied,
“Arf.” and began to scratch his ear.

And y’know how sometimes a dog will scratch his ear vigorously and then slow down like he’s about to say something. Well he did that and then said, “I just think you’re beautiful and interesting. Like earlier, you were over there in the trees. Now you’re way up there above the power lines. That’s pretty cool. I can’t do that.”

“That’s just your perception.” she heaved, for she knew that his perception was inaccurate and was dictated by her position in the sky which was relative to the angle of his position on the globe and that that would change as the earth rotated and as she moved in her own orbit.

“No,” insisted the dog for he knew that her perception was inaccurate because she could not see herself and he could see her because of his position on the globe.. “You are important to me. One day, you went away and I MISSED you. And I was sad. But then in a few days, you came back.” his tail thumped on the ground twice.

“Thank you.” she pretended to concede. “So, you don’t mind when I go hide?”

“Naw, it’s how you have to do things. Besides, you’re here now. Do you mind that I poop in the yard?”

“I don’t think I want to talk about that, dog.” she replied.

“I’m really GOOD at it!”

“Can we change the subject?”

“Okay.” said the dog and they both regarded one another for a moment silently.

The golden retriever’s person stepped into the doorway.

“Hey, moon. I have to go in now. I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” he asked with his head tilted a bit.

“Yes, dog. I’m waxing gibbous so I’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Gibbous. That’s a funny word.” and the dog went inside and curled in front of the oven where the tiles were warm and it smelled like people food.

The golden retriever rested his chin on the floor and dozed. When he fell asleep, he dreamt of the time before he was a puppy…the time when he was the moon.

for spike, seaweed, bubba and everyone else who doesn’t get to be a dog today.